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As a restaurant in Oulu, purity and the Northern aspect are matters of honour to us. Our menus offer plenty of local food made with local and seasonal ingredients, as well as flavours from other regions. Reserve a table for dinner or brunch or have a cabinet for meetings and private celebrations.

la Carte, Pizza, Brunch

Cabinet Wine Cellar

Cabinet Junnelius

Cantina – the original pizzeria – operates on Puistola's cellar floor. Cantina's pizzas are made with our own sourdough that has been allowed to rise properly.

At Cantina we take reservations only for groups, minimum 8 and max 30 persons. If you are reserving tables for group, we ask you to give your orders beforehand so we can serve you smoothly.

Mellow atmosphere, good food and noble wines. Those are the genuine raw materials of restaurant Pannu. Our menu is fully packed with variety of dishes so it is easy for everyone to find their own favorites.

We take only limited amount of reservations for groups. We call a group minimum 6 persons together.

NOTE! Pannu is under renovation 10 April to 27 June 2017.

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